Briefly about us …..

In today’s highly competitive economy, it is difficult to acquire a significant market share based on professional skills alone. Developing the trust factor with customers is of vital importance. In fact, it is considered the most powerful value-added contribution to making a business grow. While many corporate companies and small enterprises resort to using antiquated techniques to try win over new customers, we in DOMICA, adopt the strategy to address the heart of the matter by utilising trust-building techniques that will most effectively resonate with our clients, new or old. It may take some time to accomplish this goal but when trust is attained, it is reciprocated by our clients’ support and loyalty, which in turn, is translated into consistent and additional sales turnover. Such has been the DOMICA’s business culture that has guided us to what we are today. So come join us. Be part of our team and let’s soar to greater height of success together in the many years to come!! You can reach me at

Our Background

DOMICA Furniture Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a local Malaysian manufacturer specialising in metal furniture since 1995. in 2001, we added a woodworking department into our factory operation in order to expand and diversify our business.

Operating from an initial modest start-up land of 11,958 sq feet, the company now stands on its own 310,000 sq feet  and 190,000 sq feet  manufacturing area.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering DOMICA products in terms of quality, design and durability. Our marketing strategies are based on a long established tradition of providing attractively-priced quality products, timely delivery and backed by a responsible customer-care team to our customers a touch of exclusivity.

Our Priority

We are fully aware that Customers are the reason we are in business. Our on-going aim is to gain an even more intimate understanding of customers’ needs, enhance our range of innovative products, improve our quality management and uplift productivity. Every task or programme will be carried out in the spirit of DOMICA’s values, which revolves around customers’ trust, teamwork, integrity, accountability and effectiveness.